Mobile OOH Billboards are one of the most effective forms of advertisement.

But it’s no wonder why mobile billboards work…

Think about it, the average Motorist spends around 1-2 hours a day in their vehicle-that’s over 191,780,821+ hours of traffic on the road each day.

Combine an effective form of advertisement along with stunning 4K resolution and your customers see your ad the way you intended: crisp, vibrant and where they are – in a vehicle!

Ad Enchancements are an awesome way to
connect with your customers in a personal way.

You can either add them to your current artwork or you can display them full screen as
“Presented By [Your Brand]”

Check out more ways to display Ad Enhancements or contact us to enable Ad Enhancements on your account.

Ready to get started? 

  • Choose your Location.
  • Choose between daily or monthly subscriptions.
  • Choose Blue, Orange or Purple.
  • Email or Upload your artwork (download the spec sheet after purchase) OR work with our designers to create your artwork.
  • You’re ready to go! Your ad will run the next day (unless other specified).
  • For monthly subscriptions: if you would like a delayed start, let us know which day that you want your ad to start.
  • For daily subscriptions: let us know your custom date range.

4 simple steps
click through the icons

Choose Your Spot

Between orientation and location you have multiple options for your ad. Blue is a vertical ad, Purple is a horizontal ad and Orange is also a vertical advertisement. Both of the Blue and Purple sides get equal impressions but if you have a preference (DS vs PS) just note which side you prefer when you submit your artwork.

Choose Your Budget

Starting with 10 cents per spot, we have options to fit your advertising needs. You can decide to spend for only one day or multiple days. If you are thinking about running an ad for longer than a week then it's best to choose the monthly plan.

Daily or Monthly

Choose how long you would like to run your ad. We have options for Daily or Monthly. Whether you are running a one time event or are branding for long term exposure we have spots to fit both needs. If you are looking for renting the entire mobile unit for an event please contact us.

Upload your artwork

You can either upload your own artwork or you can work with our designers to create a custom ad. If you would like to upload your own artwork it's a simple process. Once you checkout we will send you the specs for your artwork and you can either email, upload to our website or send a file share link (such as Dropbox) for us to access and download the file. If you would like help designing your ad after you checkout you can just select the need help with design option (for an additional fee) and we will reach out immediately. Artwork can be changed as often as you like which is an awesome option for sales information, holiday themes and we can even have relevant social media such as your social pages or hashtags.

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